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The Outlandish World of the Burren

'From where the two hundred and fifty metre high, shale rampart of the Cliffs of Moher peter out at Doolin, the Burren limestone sweeps up from the quieter waters of Galway Bay... It then inclines away to the south  through undulating uplands for twenty kilometres and more until it sinks beneath the wetlands bordering the plain of Clare. Even there, tectonic and titanic  forces have so compressed and distorted the hills of many-tiered limestone into such outlandish shapes that to the startled mind they may resemble nothing so much as gigantic wedding cakes which have been sat upon.'

owbecover This book by Cyril Ó Céirín will charm the eye and inspire a personal discovery of the amazing and multifaceted Burren region of North Clare with stunning colour and black-and-white photographs and a thought-provoking text which contributes significantly to an understanding of this unique area.

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